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White Papers

A white paper writer with engineering experience has the ability to quickly understand your tech sector product.

Tech Sector Content Creation

Engaging potential customers is just as important for technical companies as it is for anyone else. B2B content for engineers is different from typical marketing language. Rick is a writer with engineering experience.

Online Presence Benchmarking

How does your website and social media presence stack up against the competition? Let Rick generate a report to measure your performance against that of your competitors.

ESL Document Polish

Some of the best engineers in the world speak English as a second language. Let Rick polish journal articles so they read like they were written by a native English speaker.

Technical Content Written by a Technical Person

White Papers

A white paper is a time-consuming project. Let a professional writer with engineering experience work with your subject-matter expert.

Content Creation

Technical companies need content to engage with customers on the website and in social media. Are you creating the right kind of content? Are you creating enough of it?

ESL Document Editing

Not every engineer speaks English as a first language. Top engineers need to publish regardless of their English skills. Rick will make the document native-fluent.

Online Presence Analysis

In today's business environment, an online presence is critical to your business. How do you stack up against your competition?
One challenge of outsourcing white papers is finding a writer who understands technology. Rick Novy spent two decades as an engineer in the semiconductor, aerospace, and biotech industries. Use the contact form to get help with your next technical content project now.
Marketing for technical products can be challenging. Engineers make very deliberate, data-driven decisions. White papers and case studies are the tools of choice when selling B2B and engineers influence purchase decisions.

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