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White papers are an important part of technical marketing

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Anyone who has worked in a high tech company understands marketing in this environment is different. Engineers do not impulse buy, and seem to be immune to techniques that work with the general public. Engineers make data-driven purchasing decisions, and that’s where white papers come into play.

Provide something useful to the reader

A good white paper educates the reader at the same time it convinces the reader the paper carries authority. That authority and exchange of information provides the reader a sample of your company’s competence. That’s what draws in the engineering buyer.

Low-impact marketing

Nothing turns off the engineering buyer as fast as hype and shameless self-promotion. A white paper’s message is implied, rather than stated. A white paper gives the reader credit for being an intelligent person capable of making decisions. The white paper’s job is to present evidence that using your company’s products or services is the logical conclusion.

Working with Rick

Rick uses the common sense white paper project flow advocated by renowned expert Gordon Graham. Learn more about Rick’s white paper process.

More White Paper Information

A number of more detailed articles are available on the Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting Learn page.

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While modern technology makes it possible to work with a white paper writer anywhere in the world, nothing beats meeting face-to-face. Whether you’re in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, or even Tuscon, work with an Arizona white paper writer experienced in engineering.

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