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A Website is No Longer Optional

In the 1990s, a business could survive without a website. Not so today. The internet is the first place a potential customer will check for information about your company and your products. Are you leaving a good first impression?

Your website plays two roles for your company. It’s your online catalog with information to educate your potential customers about your company and your products, but it’s also a flag to help call your business to attention of people who don’t know it exists. The balance is different for every company.

Web copy needs to be clean and to the point, but for peak performance, it must also implement “search engine optimization” (SEO) techniques to show up high in search listings. That requires a bit more effort than simply copying your brochure text into html code.

Rick has written and maintained his own author website for ten years, and was maintaining a dial-up BBS before that.

Rick will work with you to craft web copy that will help meet your goals.

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