Here’s what some clients have had to say about Rick’s work.

I started working with Rick in late 2015. His written voice and ability to simplify complex processes is a welcome change from other writers I’ve tried to work with. I highly recommend him, both for technical, and non-technical audiences.

Duane Benson, Screaming Circuits

Rick has been the lead on many projects for me and has consistently delivered above and beyond. His value to my organization has been extraordinary and the greatest benefit I’ve experienced has been in the collaboration on constantly improving the processes we use and deliver better and more relevant insight in digital marketing. Rick has been and is a talented and productive professional in digital marketing that understands what’s important and relevant.

Steven Groves, Social Marketing Conversations

Compared to the other copy writers, your work stands out. Almost to the point that I feel guilty changing anything…. writing is a work of art and I feel like my changes blow the chi of your writing.

– SVK, Construction Supply

Rick is a meticulous engineer without losing sight of the end deliverable and willing to take calculated risk to achieve results on time.

– TVD Automotive Components

Rick has a clear and focused writing style, so the things he writes are always easy to read.

– EJS, Web Developer

Rick’s dedication and work ethic are truly inspiring; he does everything it takes to excel at the task at hand, cutting no corners, leaving no step incomplete. I’ve never seen him miss a deadline, never seen him give anything but 100% to any project.

– JM, Writer

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