Writing for Twitter

Writing for Twitter isn’t always easy. Sure, the content is short—only 140 characters—but that only makes it imperative to think through what you’re putting down. The 140 character limit means you have little room for fluff. Every word you type must make an impact. That doesn’t mean every tweet has … Continue reading

3 Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Three Ways to use Twitter for Business Twitter tends to be the least understood social media platform, especially for Gen-X and Baby Boomers. The 140-character restriction seems insurmountable until you actually get in there and start seeing what people do, it can be eye-opening. You can use Twitter for business, … Continue reading

Twitter for Business 101

Twitter for Business 101 What can you possibly say in 140 characters or less? Welcome to Twitter for Business 101, where we’ll give you some ideas. Twitter, like any other social platform, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here, brevity is key, capitalizing on the ability to broadcast quick comments or … Continue reading