Machine Shops and Social Media?

Machine Shop Online Presence Sticking with the machine shop theme for a while, let’s consider machine shops and social media. The last blog post was on machine shops and their websites, so this makes for a natural continuation of that discussion. In the course of my business, I’ve reviewed the … Continue reading

That Misunderstood Platform, Google+

Possibly the most misunderstood social media platform is Google+. It’s a lot like Facebook in that people post text and pictures of all kinds. But it isn’t like Facebook, really. Google+ has the conferencing capabilities of Skype, the chat capabilities of Facebook, and the distinct advantage of being owned by … Continue reading

The Role of Branded Links

One subtle but important aspect to your inbound marketing efforts is branded links. What exactly are we talking about here? We’re talking about the URL, that link in the user’s browser bar. Sometimes, you’ll go to a company’s social media site and you’ll see a string of random characters. This … Continue reading