Four Things to Keep in Mind when Writing for Engineers

Writing for engineers can be a challenge. If you’re with a tech company, chances are pretty good you are also in a business to business space. If your customers buy technical products, an engineer will evaluate them and give that evaluation to the decision maker. If this applies to you, … Continue reading

Selling to Engineers? Mind These 3 Points

Why Selling to Engineers is Different. My education is in the hard sciences and engineering. While I was still working actively as an engineer, I’d get the annoying phone calls with some guy reading a script. Sometimes, it would be an endless webinar or slideshow that drags a two minute … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Use a Writer with Engineering Experience

Some people in senior management roles aren’t aware that services exist to help with document-generation work. This is especially true in the semiconductor sector, where a large percentage of executives have a technical background. They simply aren’t all that familiar with resources people trained in marketing take for granted. As … Continue reading