Keywords as Part of a Blogging SEO Strategy

Are you using a blogging SEO strategy? Many people blog without a strategy. Blogs are the easiest way to continuously add new content to your website, which is important for Google rankings. Google wants new and original content, ideally every time the spiders crawl your site. But it isn’t enough … Continue reading

It All Starts with Blogging

It all starts with blogging. With all the social media options out there, don’t overlook the obvious. Your Blog is still one of the most important places to stay active. Done properly, a blog can help with inbound marketing, and not just because people follow the blog. Your blog should … Continue reading

Is This the Right Content?

What kind of content is the right content? We’re all looking for quality material to post to the company blog and social media sites. Often, we have to ask ourselves if this is the right content. Even those business owners with the propensity to write the company blog themselves will … Continue reading