Online Presence Analysis

How does your online presence compare with that of your competition?

How does your online presence compare to your competitors?

Are potential customers finding you online, or do they find your competitors instead?

In the modern world of business, your online presence is an important marketing tool. Not only does it allow potential customers to find you, it allows you to interact with them, too. How does your online footprint compare with that of your competition? When a user searches for a solution you provide, does your information come up, or is it the competition they see? Even when prospects do find you online, do you give them a reason to return?

How do you stack up?

Where do you stand with the major search engines? What about Social Media? Are you easier to find than your competition? Does your online marketing provide a return on investment? Are you engaging the users who find you?

These are important questions to ask yourself, because you can’t take action without an understanding of your situation. You can’t understand your situation without data, and you don’t get data without measuring your progress.

Get the data you need

Rick Novy Tech and Copywriting offers a comprehensive analysis of your online footprint in comparison to your competitors. As one of the people who contributed to the development of the Preznc Report, Rick is licensed to use the intellectual property, enabling him to offer this service to you directly. Once the analysis is completed, you will receive a report with your results so you can make any needed course corrections. By using Preznc Report at regular intervals, you’ve got a continuous way to measure your online efforts.

Contact Rick today to get started.

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How current is the data I receive?

The internet is a dynamic beast, so the data is a snapshot of your situation no more than two weeks prior to the date on the report.

What if I don’t know what to do with the data? Can you help me improve my online presence?

While the report does provide editorial and suggestions, actual content creation is not included in the package. That said, the report and content creations can be offered together on a retainer basis.

What if I do understand the data? Can I just get the raw numbers?

Sure, there are many reasons why somebody might not want an analysis. Perhaps you have a good understanding of inbound marketing, or maybe you are a digital marketer yourself, with clients who look to you for the strategy. In such cases, we’ll supply only the completed spreadsheet at a discount and leave the analysis to you.

What if I need help with my online marketing strategy?

We frequently work along side some of the best content marketing specialists around. If in-depth help beyond what Rick can provide is what you need, we can bring one of his already-vetted teammates into the discussion.

What about keywords?

We’ll find out what keywords are organically associated with your company and with your competitors. You can use those lists to generate content ideas and help form your content marketing strategy.

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