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Are You Engaging with Potential customers?

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Consumers are 60% through the buyer’s journey before reaching out to companies. It is possible to engage them earlier.

Content is King, and Content Creation is What We Do.

According to LinkedIn executive Jonathon Lister, a consumer is 60% through the buyer’s journey before reaching out to brands for help.

Influence the Buyer’s journey

Does that mean we can’t influence the early stages of the buyer’s journey? It can be influenced through engagement, by giving consumers interesting and useful content to read and consider while moving along the buyer’s journey. Engagement through social media and the company website are just as important for tech companies as it is for an athletic club or a pizza parlor. That’s even true for B2B tech companies. Sure, the interaction and social media channels may differ, but the objective is still engaging the consumer.

Challenges can be Overcome by Outsourcing

Content creation. Content marketing sounds good, but all that content must be created and put into play. The top three challenges facing technical marketers are lack of time, producing enough content, and producing the kind of content that engages. All three of these challenges are intertwined, but handing the job to a specialist can help to overcome all three.

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How do You Stack Up?

Are you blogging regularly? Are you posting useful and engaging content to your social media sites? Can engineers find information they need to answer simple questions without picking up the phone? Your competitors may be doing all these things, and winning the first 60% of the buyer’s journey.

We can help.

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