Focus Industries

While Rick has the capability to help almost any business, there are certain industries where Rick has specialist-type knowledge. You can find more detail in the popup menus or by following the links at the end of each section.


Rick spent fifteen years as an engineer in semiconductors. He worked as a product engineer for mixed signal, digital, and MEMS products. He also worked in parametric test and as a device engineer in a BiCMOS fab.

Whether you are selling CMP tools to a manufacturer or basebands to fill a socket, Rick has been in the semiconductor industry a long time, and knows the environment.

Non-Native English

Nothing is more frustrating for a native speaker of a language than to read language that doesn’t say quite what it was intended to mean. That’s where Rick comes in. Rick is a native speaker of American English, and can help clean up your copy so the customer pays attention to what you say, not how you say it. More info


Rick is a fishkeeper and knows what goes into keeping them healthy. Couple that with his understanding of physics and engineering and you have a writer who can target the whole range of aquarium customers. More info.

Don’t See it Here?

Inquire by email. Rick has worked on implantable medical devices, worked as part of a satellite mission control team, worked in a machine shop, and even delivered sandwiches. Chances are good Rick can handle the project.

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