ESL Document Editing

Good Engineers Need to Publish

ESL Document Editing

Publishing in technical journals is an important tool for the marketing of technical products. A company’s top engineers are usually asked to produce these articles, yet some of the very best engineers come from countries that do not speak English. These engineers have the technical knowledge, and in their native language, could probably produce excellent articles. But they struggle with English, and that’s the language the industry expects to read. Editing takes valuable time away from your staff. Rick Novy provides ESL document editing to help get these articles into publishable shape without consuming any of your company’s engineering talent.

Editing with dignity.

Suggesting an article requires editing can bruise egos. The objective is to make your engineer look good on the printed page, and it’s a team effort. The engineer still gets the byline, and the message isn’t altered. Rather, changes are made to sentence and paragraph structure, and to word choices in order to create as smooth an experience for the reader as possible. All of this is done while communicating with the original author of the paper. After all, it’s the engineer’s name going on the paper.

Writer with engineering experience

Rick Novy spent twenty years working as an engineer. His Masters thesis won the annual engineering college prize at San Jose State University in 1998. He has been a published author of fiction and non-fiction for close to twenty years.

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