Think Machine Shops Can Ignore Their Website?

If you think machine shops can ignore their website, think again. No industry is immune to the search spiders and Google’s algorithms. These algorithms are among the most closely guarded IP secrets around, yet inbound marketing people have learned a lot about them empirically. What they’ve discovered are some tendencies … Continue reading

Should You Maintain Your Own Website?

Maintain your own website? Keeping your website up to date is something most businesses farm out to contractors. Smaller businesses operating on a shoestring budget—especially when just starting out—may have opted to handle this on their own. This makes sense for some people. For example, I’ve been building and maintaining … Continue reading

It All Starts with Blogging

It all starts with blogging. With all the social media options out there, don’t overlook the obvious. Your Blog is still one of the most important places to stay active. Done properly, a blog can help with inbound marketing, and not just because people follow the blog. Your blog should … Continue reading

Is This the Right Content?

What kind of content is the right content? We’re all looking for quality material to post to the company blog and social media sites. Often, we have to ask ourselves if this is the right content. Even those business owners with the propensity to write the company blog themselves will … Continue reading

Copy This! Podcast Season One Episode Guide

Copy This! Podcast Tomorrow, on this blog you will find the first episode of the first season of the Copy This! Podcast. Here’s what you can expect to see over the next 12 weeks: 12/10/14 Episode 001 – What is Copywriting? 12/17/14 Episode 002 – Online Presence 12/24/14 Episode 003 … Continue reading

What’s Inbound Marketing?

What’s inbound Marketing, anyway? What’s inbound marketing,anyway? Is it one of those new buzz words that you sometimes hear about? Not really. Inbound marketing is a strategy, and one key to business success in the 21st century. Simply put, inbound marketing is attracting clients to you, and it’s done via … Continue reading

Announcing a Forthcoming Podcast

There is some news I am excited to share. I will be launching a podcast on this blog very soon. The podcast will be called “Copy This!” and will discuss copywriting, internet and social media business presence, and other items of interest to small business owners. The target audience is … Continue reading