LinkedIn For Business 101

LinkedIn for Business 101 Welcome to LinkedIn for Business 101. What is LinkedIn and why is it important for my business to be represented on that social media platform? Simply put, LinkedIn is the professional social media option, where you won’t find pictures of the kids and not a lot … Continue reading

What’s Inbound Marketing?

What’s inbound Marketing, anyway? What’s inbound marketing,anyway? Is it one of those new buzz words that you sometimes hear about? Not really. Inbound marketing is a strategy, and one key to business success in the 21st century. Simply put, inbound marketing is attracting clients to you, and it’s done via … Continue reading

Facebook Moves Against Click-Bait Headlines

Click-Bait Headlines We’ve all seen click-bait headlines on Facebook. “This Woman Ate her Dog and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next.” Stories like this get a lot of clicks, which get the viewed by more people. Consequently, the click numbers look great to the advertisers of the click-baiter. It’s black … Continue reading

Announcing a Forthcoming Podcast

There is some news I am excited to share. I will be launching a podcast on this blog very soon. The podcast will be called “Copy This!” and will discuss copywriting, internet and social media business presence, and other items of interest to small business owners. The target audience is … Continue reading

Positioning a New Business in Social Media

Social Media for New Business One of the more difficult aspects of starting a new business is a rapid deployment of internet and social media presence. It takes effort to learn about all the different branding opportunities on various social platforms and how to implement them, but it doesn’t stop … Continue reading