Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts

Are you measuring your content marketing efforts? Do you even have a content marketing strategy? In today’s world, being online is critical because when people are in the market for a product, the first place they look is online. That means to be found you have to be online. Not … Continue reading

Reminder to Flush Periscope Spammers

I’ve been on Periscope for over two months now, and one thing I’ve noticed is the rampant abuse in the form of spam accounts. Periscope spammers. Sometimes, they are advertising a traditional product. More often, the accounts are blatant and obvious links to porn sites. I’ve blogged on this before, … Continue reading

That Misunderstood Platform, Google+

Possibly the most misunderstood social media platform is Google+. It’s a lot like Facebook in that people post text and pictures of all kinds. But it isn’t like Facebook, really. Google+ has the conferencing capabilities of Skype, the chat capabilities of Facebook, and the distinct advantage of being owned by … Continue reading