Machine Shops and Social Media?

Machine Shop Online Presence Sticking with the machine shop theme for a while, let’s consider machine shops and social media. The last blog post was on machine shops and their websites, so this makes for a natural continuation of that discussion. In the course of my business, I’ve reviewed the … Continue reading

Think Machine Shops Can Ignore Their Website?

If you think machine shops can ignore their website, think again. No industry is immune to the search spiders and Google’s algorithms. These algorithms are among the most closely guarded IP secrets around, yet inbound marketing people have learned a lot about them empirically. What they’ve discovered are some tendencies … Continue reading

PREZNC Report Presentation

Not long ago, my friend Steven Groves gave a presentation on the online presence benchmarking tool, PREZNC Report. It’s a product I had some hand in developing, and I think it’s a great resource for businesses who want to evaluate and improve their online presence as compared to their competitors. … Continue reading

What is Content Marketing?

What is content marketing? We’ve heard that phrase bantered about all the time over the past few years, but what does it really mean? Inbound marketing is closely related. That’s using the internet to attract prospects to you rather than going out and blasting them with marketing materials. Inbound marketing … Continue reading

Did You Know About the Paid LinkedIn Membership Levels?

Did you there are more LinkedIn membership levels than just the default free? The free level is good enough for many people. You can build a useful network without ever paying LinkedIn a dime. You can receive InMails, request introductions, save searches, and reconnect with lost colleagues in a professional … Continue reading