The Impact of Mindset

The impact of mindset on success can’t be overstated. Recently, I read an article by Arizona State University William P. Carey School of Business professor Christopher Neck discussing mindset and its impact on business and success in general. In the article, neck quotes Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in classifying … Continue reading

Yoast SEO Helps with Google Knowledge Graph

Yoast SEO New Feature You’ve probably noticed a change in Google search results in recent months. A summary box on the right side of the screen contains information about the company or other entity you searched for. I captured the screen for a simple search for Google itself and it’s … Continue reading

Three (3) Things to Learn from Gordon Ramsey’s Visit to Amy’s Baking Company

Learning from the Mistakes of Others. By now, no doubt you’ve heard about the Kitchen Nightmares episode where Gordon Ramsey walked away from Amy’s Baking Company. There is a lot to learn from this episode, which I found difficult to watch through the end of the show. It’s good to … Continue reading