Why do White Papers Fail? Reason #1

Reason #1 – Sales Pitch White papers represent a significant investment of resources. Despite being a powerful tool when marketing to technical people, many white papers fail to return on that investment. There’s a reason white papers are effective with engineers and similar thinkers. They like to research a problem … Continue reading

Copy This! Podcast Season One Episode Guide

Copy This! Podcast Tomorrow, on this blog you will find the first episode of the first season of the Copy This! Podcast. Here’s what you can expect to see over the next 12 weeks: 12/10/14 Episode 001 – What is Copywriting? 12/17/14 Episode 002 – Online Presence 12/24/14 Episode 003 … Continue reading

Announcing a Forthcoming Podcast

There is some news I am excited to share. I will be launching a podcast on this blog very soon. The podcast will be called “Copy This!” and will discuss copywriting, internet and social media business presence, and other items of interest to small business owners. The target audience is … Continue reading

5 Reasons to Use a Writer with Engineering Experience

Some people in senior management roles aren’t aware that services exist to help with document-generation work. This is especially true in the semiconductor sector, where a large percentage of executives have a technical background. They simply aren’t all that familiar with resources people trained in marketing take for granted. As … Continue reading