Are Your White Papers Really White Papers?

While there is no set format for the white paper, there are some things that have come to be expected, especially for the problem-solution white paper. These white papers are generally geared toward engineers, who evaluate products and can eliminate them from contention before the decision-maker ever becomes involved in … Continue reading

Is This the Right Content?

What kind of content is the right content? We’re all looking for quality material to post to the company blog and social media sites. Often, we have to ask ourselves if this is the right content. Even those business owners with the propensity to write the company blog themselves will … Continue reading

Why do White Papers Fail? Reason #2

Spotlighting the Product There’s a reason why white papers are effective, and it has to do with crediting the reader with intelligence. White papers are all about building trust and educating the potential customer. White papers give solutions to problems. Engineers in particular are a tricky bunch specifically because they … Continue reading