Short Post Experiment

For the past four months, I’ve been posting most business days. These posts have been fairly short in the interest of consistently posting to the blog. Part of the reason I decided to use frequent short posts was to see whether they move the SEO needle.

Short post experiment on

After four months of posting frequent short articles, the result is a resounding failure. The MOZ score and other metrics have not moved much. That’s surprising because I’ve been using Yoast keyword plugin for WordPress and optimizing for green (good SEO tactics) every time I can. I would have expected the needle to move a bit more. For comparison, the MOZ Domain Authority score for is a mere 13, while my neglected site has score of 30.

So, to address this conundrum and lack of results, I plan to begin posting fewer but longer posts. Hopefully, I’ll be putting together some shareable content that is also quality content. After all, content that isn’t meant to be read was written for a computer to read. Google’s algorithms are getting smarter every year, and content is king.

For that reason, this will be the final regular daily blog post, supplanted by a (hopefully) more than once a week schedule of longer blog posts. It’s my hope longer posts will gain shares and help people out. If I learned anything from this short post experiment, it’s to be concrete without babbling.

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