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Page rank 0 forever, it’s always struck fear into the heart of webmasters. Page rank 0 used to mean your website was either brand spankin’ new, or was being punished by Google.

page rank 0 forever on

My own business website is about three and a half years old, and has always been rank 0. Other indicators, like MOZ, indicate the page rank should be higher. But, Google announced it would discontinue support of page rank about the same time I released the website.

I’ve watched my page rank on the business website and another site I maintain, and the needle hasn’t moved in over three years on either one. Recently, MOZ held a whiteboard Friday discussing the demise of page rank. On the same day, I was looking up page rank on a number of websites using one of the lookup tools and everything came up 0.

It appears page rank is completely dead, so now we’ll be stuck at page rank 0 forever.

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