Three Things We Can Take from the Jungle Book

Last night, we went to see the new Jungle Book movie. It was, as it turns out, the first time I knew the story. Some of the scenes got me to thinking, there are some things that are similar between Kipling’s adventures for little Mowgli and our own adventures in the business world. Here are three things we can take from the Jungle Book.


1. Every wolf has a pack. While you may not think of yourself a wolf, it’s still true you have a pack. You have business partners who support you. You have family there by your side. Belonging to a pack is an all-important aspect of our lives.

2. Everyone needs Baloo at some point in their lives. We need somebody to tell us it’s okay to be ourselves, to do your own thing and find your own path. We also need somebody who has our back when things get rough.

3. Watch out for Shere Khan. Business can get cut-throat at times. Your competition might stop at nothing to take you out of the game. We’re not necessarily talking about foul play here. In fact, it’s far more likely your Shere Khan is capturing the SEO keywords you want. That’s when it’s time to lean on your pack.

Did you know the Cub Scouts of America based much of the program on Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book? Whether you see the film, read the book, or go to a Cub Scout meeting, think about these three things we can take from the Jungle Book.

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