Katch is Out

Looks like Katch is out of commission. Katch issued a statement you can find here.

Katch is out on www.novytechandcopy.com

Katch was (or is, until may 4th) an archiving site that captured Periscope broadcasts and archived them. If you’re on Periscope at all, you know the broadcasts all disappear after 24 hours. With Katch, you could collect an entire archive and link back to particularly good broadcasts forever (or May 4, whichever comes first).

The only viable option available after Katch shuts down is to archive the broadcast to the device you are broadcasting with, usually an iPhone, Android, or iPad. The problem with that solution is it saves only the broadcast and not the comments. Most scopers interact with their viewers, so lacking the comments means a one-sided discussion. That can be confusing at best.

Unfortunately, the funding katch.com was expecting fell through, and they have no other source,so they made the announcement linked above. Katch is out of business on May 4th, 2016.

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