Are Business Cards Obsolete?

Are business cards obsolete? After all, we have the internet. Just about everyone in business uses a smart phone these days. A website gives contact information, and a contact can get to the website by using a QR code scanned from an ad. So, why do we still need business cards? Here are three reasons.

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1. Business cards are easy to hand out when meeting someone in person. It has all the information someone who wants to contact you needs. You do want prospects to contact you, right?

2. Business cards still work if they get wet. We all know what happens when a smart phone gets wet. 24 hours in a bag of rice and then hope it works. A wet business card still has your information, and it dries without spending a day in rice jail.

3. You can jot notes on the back of business cards. Notes can tell you where and when you got somebody’s card, and even under what circumstances. On a phone, you need to open an app and use the tiny keyboard. That’s slow.

And here’s a bonus reason. If your prospect is a reader, the card might just end up being used as a bookmark. This person will see your name and contact information every time they pick up their book to read.

So, are business cards obsolete? Not yet. Not by a long shot.

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