How Many Social Media Accounts are Enough?

We all know business should be on social media, but how many social media accounts are enough? It’s a difficult question to answer, especially when you are just starting out on social media.

How many social media accounts are enough on

For a new social media effort, there should be a presence on every major platform, and an effort to keep them populated with new material for several months while you watch for response. Ultimately, you want to find out where your audience congregates. Where do the people likely to buy from you hang out online?

Once you’ve figured out the proper two of three platforms to concentrate your efforts, there is still the matter of the other accounts. While you may not use your account very often, it is desirable to stake your claim. Make sure you own your name on every major social media platform. If it isn’t available, grab something related, but also look into who has the name you want.

Companies with a generic name will find it more difficult to stake that claim before another company with a similar name grabs the name first.

As for those few social media sites that are responding, keep feeding them. At the same time, don’t let the other sites idle for too long. Sometimes, users migrate.

Another telling factor is whether you have time or resources to continue posting with regularity. It’s much better to have one active account where you’ve empirically discovered your audience resides than it is to post sporadically on several social sites. Ultimately, deciding how many social media accounts are enough is a decision that can only be answered by you.

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