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Blog topics can be a show stopper for some people. People make excuses for not blogging, like not having ideas on what to discuss. Writer’s block hits inexperienced writers more often than those with experience, so are there any tricks to coming up with good topics?

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If you are struggling to find topics to write about, take a half hour with a pen and a piece of paper. Think about your business and what results you would like to see from blogging. What sorts of things will potentially create favorable buzz? What sorts of things do you want the reputation of knowledge on? Find three to five of these categories and make a column for each on that piece of paper.

Once you have the categories, start brainstorming individual topics under each column. For instance, let’s say you have a category called social media. Several topics come to mind—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on. But, don’t stop there. Dig a bit deeper. What about Facebook is important to discuss? I’m sure you can come up with several.

Using this same strategy, I produced about 60 topics in one sitting. Some of them weren’t ultimately useable, but most were. Get those posts written and scheduled to post. Things get easier once you have the blog topics in your pocket.

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