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Do you pick a focus keyword or phrase when you write a blog post? Small businesses can’t hope to compete with multi-national corporations for the most valuable keywords, so we have to go after what they call the long tail. That’s a term from statistics, and it refers to the many keywords with few hits.

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These keywords are much easier for your website to capture. The idea is to gain visitors based on a lot of keywords with only a little traffic each. Getting on page 10 for a major keyword doesn’t pay many dividends because most users don’t bother to click past the first search engine result page (SERP).

So, how top capture this long tail? Blogging. Google wants to see fresh content, and blogging is the easiest way to produce fresh content. Use tools like SEO Quake to get some ideas for focus keywords.

Select one keyword or key phrase and build a blog post around it. If you use the SEO plugin from Yoast, it will guide you toward building more effective blog posts using SEO. With consistent posting and careful selection of focus keywords and phrases, you should start noticing the site statistics improving.

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