Exercise, most of us know we need to do more and struggle to find the time. One danger of working from home, especially if working for yourself, is being shackled to the desk. It takes some will power to get out and do something physical.

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We all know the benefits of exercise. It gives you more energy, it gives you clarity, and it improves health in general. Part of the problem is finding something that not only works for you, but something you can stick with.

The first thing to keep in mind is finding a time that will work. Some people work out at lunch time, others go to the gym in the evening. But, there are a lot of reasons to exercise in the morning. Getting out to exercise before diving into work does help with focus and attention, at least in my experience.

But, if lunch is when you can fit exercise in, that’s when you should do it. Better to exercise at noon than not at all.

That said, one of the advantages of exercising in the morning is the workout is already finished by the time you get into the office. That means, the workout isn’t sacrificed when timelines get short or long hours are thrust upon you.

So many New Year’s resolutions are already long forgotten. Why wait until the end of the year to make new ones? Make an April resolution. Get out there and exercise.

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