Slow Days

Oh, those slow days. If you’re a freelancer, you know how the workload can be feast or famine. One day you’ll be slammed with work and struggle to get everything done on deadline. A month later, you could be hearing crickets while staring at your phone.

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The real question is how to deal with the slow days. Do you take some time off, or do you work on non-billable projects?

When the dust settles, what really matters is whether you spent that time doing something to advance your business. Sometimes, that does mean taking time off. After all, nobody lives to work. Rather, we all work to live. If a slow period allows you to take some R&R, there probably isn’t a better time to do it.

On the other hand, sometimes non-billable projects get pushed back so far they never get done. Here are a few ideas for making good use of slow days.

1. Update the company website.
2. Write an article for a trade journal.
3. Get ahead on writing blog posts.
4. Jump on Periscope and interact with followers.
5. Housekeeping – work on that clutter that inevitably collects.
6. Work on marketing materials.
7. Search LinkedIn for prospects

How you make use of that down time can impact the future of your business. Be sure to make good use of those slow days.

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