Interruptions can’t be avoided. We all have experienced when something comes up and prevents us from getting work done, and it’s sometimes difficult to keep things in perspective.

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The experiences will vary. I’ve been interrupted by waiting for contractors at home. I’ve been interrupted by health issues. I’ve even been interrupted by clients who want work done in under 24 hours.

Personally, I like to have plans for the day in my head when I start working. Any time something comes up, it can potentially derail the plans. Although I try to build some slip into the schedule, sometimes the interruption is a crisis that can derail plans for days. Think IRS audit, the car breaking down on the freeway, or a death in the family. Serious stuff you can’t put off until later.

All you can do is roll with the punches and pick up where you left off once the crisis is over. Sure, in some cases the work can be delegated, but not always. Sometimes, the interruption is so central to your being that nobody could, or even should take over.

Those are the situations where you have to gather the pieces, evaluate the situation, and plan to get back on track. But, that’s only half the battle. The other half consists of execution. In order to recover quickly, you have to act on those plans because they won’t execute themselves.

Interruptions are annoying at best, but they can’t be prevented. Keeping a positive attitude can help you recover from interruptions and get back to business.

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