When to use a Backgrounder

Do you know when to use a backgrounder white paper? The backgrounder is a product-specific white paper that goes into detail on features and use.

When to use a Backgrounder on www.novytechandcipy.com

Unlike the problem-solution white paper, this document is not intended to attract attention and draw in prospects. Rather, it’s job is to close the sale. This is the document that details all the technical information. It’s where the engineer can dive in deep and learn all about the product.

At this bottom stage of the sales funnel, people (often engineers) are comparing your product with other possible solutions. The competition likely also has backgrounder white papers on their product. Any company still in the running by now is in serious contention. The time to raise doubt about competition has passed, and any company the prospect doubts has already been eliminated.

This is the stage where your product must stand on its own qualifications. The specifications will be matched against those of the competitor’s and the best solution—in the customer’s opinion—will win the sale.

Keep in mind, even the backgrounder is subtle in terms of call to action. Hype has no role here, and including such marketing-speak can disqualify a company from the running. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, don’t put everything in the document. This is the down and dirty about the product specs and features, and your chance for the product to shine.

Next time you have a product launch might be when to use a backgrounder white paper.

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