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Gaps in Posting at
Sometimes, life interferes, leaving gaps in posting. At the end of February, we lost my wife’s brother. He lives overseas, and for cultural reasons, the funeral was scheduled for March 12th. I had resolved this year to post the website’s blog every business day this year. Preparing for the trip prevented me from writing ahead and posting them in advance, so the blog sat idle until today.

Things like that happen. Life interferes with goals, and it happens to everyone. The important thing is not to allow it to derail plans indefinitely. You’ve got to get back on the horse and carry one, as they say.

But, what about the damage to the content marketing campaign? Is it serious? Not likely, as not only tells Google the site is still active, it also marks the beginning of a new streak of posting every business day.

While the nearly three weeks I left the blog idle feels like a long time, remember that Google’s rankings don’t change that fast. The previously posted material is still doing its work. Just get new material up now. Remember, the second-best time to start is now. You’ll recover from the gaps in posting.

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