Did You Know About the Paid LinkedIn Membership Levels?

Did you there are more LinkedIn membership levels than just the default free? The free level is good enough for many people. You can build a useful network without ever paying LinkedIn a dime. You can receive InMails, request introductions, save searches, and reconnect with lost colleagues in a professional environment.

LinkedIn Membership Levels on www.novytechandcopy.com

What about the paid access levels? What do they offer? Several benefits, including the ability to send InMail, enhanced search capabilities, a 90-day window to see who viewed your profile, and see who among your connections gets the most views.

There are four paid membership categories: Job Seeker, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite, and Business Plus. Each provides access and features not available to the free accounts. For example, Job Seeker accounts get listed for applied positions ahead of free accounts. InMail and enhanced search, and the ability to use OpenMail are just the highlights of these access levels.

Check out this SlideShare presentation to research the features in more depth. See if any of the paid LinkedIn membership levels are right for you.

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