Never Do These Three Things on Twitter

Never do these three things on Twitter. As the in-the-moment social media site, Twitter has a few unique qualities that give it a few landmines.

Never Do these three things on twitter on

1. Send a tweet without proofreading. While all social media sites have their gotchas, Twitter’s is pretty special. There is no way to edit a tweet after it’s sent. You can delete it, sure, but you can’t edit the thing once it’s out there. Nothing ruins a good quip like a typo in the most important word.

2. Send a tweet in the heat of the moment. The wise Twitter user waits before sending an update. Sometimes a tweet comes in that gets under your skin. You get angry and say something you’ll regret later. The tweets you send set your image online. Your brand. Do you want that brand tarnished by a knee-jerk reaction tweet?

3. PM a new connection with an immediate sales pitch. Nothing turns a person off more than an in-your-face sales pitch upon first introduction. These people get unfollowed just as fast as they send out a sales pitch. That’s the opposite of building a brand and gathering a following of trusted connections. It’s the opposite of inbound marketing, where your content is the compelling component.

Keep these gotchas in mind, and never do these three things on Twitter.

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