Keywords as Part of a Blogging SEO Strategy

Are you using a blogging SEO strategy?

Many people blog without a strategy. Blogs are the easiest way to continuously add new content to your website, which is important for Google rankings. Google wants new and original content, ideally every time the spiders crawl your site.

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But it isn’t enough to simply post content, that content has to be written with the objective of ranking for keywords relating to your business. The easiest way to do that is knowing what keyword you want to feature in any given article.

A caution here—long gone are the day when keyword stuffing worked. The content has to be readable by actual humans, and Google is getting better and better at distinguishing good content for humans from poor content aimed at gaming the system. You don’t want Google’s algorithms to think you’re trying to game the system because they will apply a penalty to your ranking and your search engine result position.

How do you find keywords to feature? Chances are, you have an idea of what your business does. (We hope!) Google Adwords has a tool allowing you to enter a keyword, and it will output corresponding related keywords. That is a great place to start.

For example, I entered the keyword “White Papers.” Adwords produced a number of similar keywords, like whitepapers, that I should probably work into the blog rotation. A word of caution. Use a WordPress plugin like Yoast to help optimize your posts.

Optimizing your posts for keywords is one aspect to a healthy blogging SEO strategy.

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