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At first thought, at may be difficult to see how Pinterest can be used for business. After further reflection, the idea of posting images as an aspect of content marketing makes sense for a lot of companies. After all, people are visual creatures and, as I discussed a few days ago, response rate for posts with images is far greater than for plain text, so why wouldn’t Pinterest work?

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For a business to consumer entity, Pinterest is a lot easier to use, especially if the product has a lot of visual appeal. Products like that might be clothing lines, sports equipment, or home-related items.

For business to business, using Pinterest can be more challenging. If you happen to be an electronics manufacturer, then showing your product in various stages of construction is one way to use Pinterest. On the other hand, if you have a business without a visible product (attorneys, writers, and accountants, for instance). What can you do?

This type of business can create infographics to post on Pinterest. Not only that, the infographics can be recycled and used on all the other social media platforms. Some infographics might even become a staple if it illustrates a topic you discuss often.

Another aspect to keep in mind is demographic. Pinterest accounts tends to have more female followers than male, so companies selling items that women buy need a Pinterest presence. Items like jewelry, clothing, and hairstyles work quite well on Pinterest, and companies using the platform may find a significant number of followers in time.

Whether you have a B2C or B2B effort, don’t discount Pinterest as an option for your social media presence. Pinterest can be used for business.

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