Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts

Are you measuring your content marketing efforts? Do you even have a content marketing strategy?

measuring your content marketing efforts on

In today’s world, being online is critical because when people are in the market for a product, the first place they look is online. That means to be found you have to be online. Not just online, but online with compelling content that reels leads into your website and ultimately converts them.

Consistency is the name of the game, but how do you know whether or not what you’re doing is working? Other than conversion rates, which is the end of the funnel, how can you tell if what you’re posting is having any impact?

It comes down to data, and there are several ways to get that data. Probably the easiest is using Google Analytics. It’s the most widespread analytic tool, and as a Google property, it has the benefit of Google’s information. Sure, there are other analytic tools and I use some of them myself, but why not leverage the power of Google’s technology? After all, the data is completely free.

I have noticed that the tools available in WordPress seem to undercount users and accent page views. That’s useful information to a point, but not as useful as the in-depth data Google Analytics provides.

There are other sources of information, as well. I had a hand in developing the PREZNC Report, which compares a company’s online presence with a number of competitors. As a part of the development team, I have a license to use the technology directly with my clients.

With regular use, this report provides feedback on your online efforts, and allows you to regularly update and adjust your online strategy for maximum impact.

No matter which option you choose, do something to ensure you are measuring your content marketing efforts.

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