Time is a precious commodity, and nothing displays that better than deadlines. Some people need them, others set their own, and still others despise them. In reality, we all get deadlines from time to time.

Deadlines on

One promise I made myself when I started my business was I would never miss a deadline. Hitting deadlines means keeping your word. It’s a display of integrity that gives clients a level of comfort and confidence that when they want something done, it will happen.

Sometimes freelancers can forget that clients have their own deadlines. If my client needs to be finished on Friday, they may need my portion of the project by Wednesday.

It’s imperative to know how quickly you can work. Giving realistic estimates is important for both you and your client. For your client, it allows an estimate on their part when their work will be done. For you, it ensures you have adequate time to complete the project without rushing or doing a slop job.

Here’s a few reasons why it’s important to meet deadlines:
Provide accurate timing estimates for client planning purposes.
Repeat business will be attracted to contractors who do what they say, and when they say they’ll do it.
Build a good reputation in the business community.
Allow for a better estimate of how much work capacity you have in any given month.
Help keep you focused on the billable work.

Keep these aspects in mind when you’re quoting a project. Deadlines are important, but it’s also important to keep those deadlines realistic.

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