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Have you heard about Opportunity yet?

opportunity on www.novytechandcopy.com

Opportunity is a new “lead generation tool built inside of a business network.” Their own words.

I signed into the network last night. I was invited, though it appears invitations are not needed anymore. As you register, you are asked a series of questions centered on who you are and what you do. After completing your profile and industry questions, you are taken to a screen with potential matches—a list of leads looking for people who do what you do, ranked by the Opportunity algorithms.

When you first register, you are given the free account access. This access allows you to contact the top ten leads. You can get additional access by paying a monthly fee of either $20 or $40, depending on the level of access.

I decided to contact three of the ten matches I as given by the algorithm. I’ll give it some time and report back on whether anything comes of this. Regardless, I think this is a great idea and will hopefully bring together people into win-win situations.

If you are looking for some new opportunities, check out Opportunity.

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