Where Do You Get Your Blog Ideas?

Where do you get your blog ideas? That’s a question anyone who blogs regularly will eventually get. It reminds me of the question fiction writers get—the same question. Where do you get your ideas?

blog ideas on www.novytechandcopy.com

Harlan Ellison had a canned answer for that. I get them in the mail from a company in Schenectady. He even had one person ask for their address.

The reality is the same for blogging as it is for fiction writers. Ideas are everywhere. They’re all around you.

One way of generating a lot of ideas is to brainstorm. Back in December, when I decided to post every business day, I sat down and brainstormed for twenty minutes. That exercise generated over sixty ideas in five categories, more than half of which I have yet to use.

Brainstorming isn’t intended to generate only good ideas, just to generate a lot of ideas. It’s then up to you to filter the ideas for topics you want to write about. When you run out of ideas, brainstorm again. Don’t be afraid to recycle old ideas by putting a new spin on them, or going into more detail on some aspect of an old post.

Soon, people will be asking you where you get your blog ideas.

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