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Yesterday, I wrote about some of the issues with the ebooks often hawked by various experts. The main issue was a lack of quality control, and the unknowns when you download one. That becomes a particular issue when people are putting down good money for the book.

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But ebooks remain a valuable tool for marketing and for building reputation, so how to overcome the issues of people speculating on the quality of the book? Simple. We talked about his on my Periscope broadcast yesterday: post samples.

Sure, use a few excerpts to both entice the visitors on your website and to demonstrate the quality of your book. Of course, it’s obvious that your book has to stand up to scrutiny. Don’t put up something that nobody but you has read. Other eyes always catch errors you miss, and those errors are always there.
Even the best writer needs an editor, but if you decide to go without one, at the very least, have somebody else read it and mark it up.

In terms of excerpts, there are a number of ways to post them. You could excerpt a chapter, partial chapters, or even pull quotes as you write about the benefits of the book. Use some creativity. Whether you are using the book as a reward for signing up for a newsletter or selling the book on Amazon, it’s important to call attention to it.

Regardless of how you promote the book, be sure it’s done and it’s got something to say. As we said, nobody wants readers to regret getting a copy of their ebook.

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