Ebooks and their Varying Quality

The documents that are called ebooks are many, and they are not all created equally. One thing I’ve noticed since starting my business is a lot of entrepreneurs write an ebook and hawk it. Sometimes constantly. The problem isn’t necessarily that these people are writing books, it’s that in many cases the books aren’t very good.


Another thing I’ve noticed is often these ebooks are available for free. Well, not completely free, you do have to part with some information. It’s called a gated download, and it’s a common technique for assembling an email list.

With the free ebooks, you aren’t risking any actual cash to sample the author’s work. That risk comes from buying the work. Now, I’ve purchased books from people in person, mainly to support a local business. Sometimes, I’ve regretted it.

I’ve never been thrilled about business books that consist mainly of white space. Business books and other non-fiction topics are not the same as writing a novel. That business books typically cost more than fiction also can be frustrating.

All that said, I would never discourage anyone from trying to write an ebook on any topic you happen to have the knowledge to share. If you do it, though, I would encourage you to use an editor and put some actual information into the book.

Ebooks don’t have to be long to be good, but keep in mind the length when pricing. You don’t want people to feel duped by spending $10 on a 20-page book. If you do write a 20-page book, make sure you either price it accordingly, or use it as the free book behind the pay wall.

Most importantly, if you write an ebook, make sure you have something to say.

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