Pondering Mortality

Yesterday morning, I learned of the passing of a friend of mine, Jim Pfingst. Jim was an expert in computer repair. He owned his company and was active in the business community. I ran into him several times at the local business functions. He also played bass in both a band and with the choir in his church.


Jim had agreed several months ago to appear on my podcast, Copy This! Unfortunately, my production schedule kept being pushed back and we never had the chance to record.

As you get older, you start experiencing friendships ending suddenly. It reminds you of your own mortality. Each and every one of us has a bad habit that gets in the way of progress. The winners in this life are those who minimize the disruption of objectives by these bad habits.

Experiencing a friend pass away so young reminds us that our time on this earth is limited. We never know when our time is up, and that can be scary. More importantly, it magnifies the impact of wasted time or opportunity, especially when we cause that poor performance by our own bad habits.

It’s a sobering reminder that we need to get on task or risk never getting the important things done. Things we want to get done, and things we want to be remembered for. There is only one thing keeping us from reaching those goals, and that’s ourselves.

Rest in peace, Jim. I hope you achieved what you set out to do, my friend.

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