One way to leverage your content is cross-posting.

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What is cross-posting? It’s when you add content to your blog or a social media site, the content is shared onto your other social media sites.

For example, when you post an article to the blog, a message can be sent out on Twitter with a link back to the blog. In addition, the content can posted on the business Facebook page, the LinkedIn page, and even the Google+ page.

The benefits of cross-posting are several. For a young business, or at least a young online presence, you don’t know where your audience is. Covering as many social media sites as possible helps you to learn where they are, and feed content to them. Also, as we mentioned last weekend, there is also empirical evidence of a social media boost from having presence and followers on social media.

It also makes your social media presence appear healthy. Nothing is more of a turn-off than going to a company’s social media page and viewing ancient or sparse content. So, if you are struggling to keep up with your content on social media, consider using cross-posting to help flesh it out.

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