Keywords as Part of a Blogging SEO Strategy

Are you using a blogging SEO strategy? Many people blog without a strategy. Blogs are the easiest way to continuously add new content to your website, which is important for Google rankings. Google wants new and original content, ideally every time the spiders crawl your site. But it isn’t enough … Continue reading

Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts

Are you measuring your content marketing efforts? Do you even have a content marketing strategy? In today’s world, being online is critical because when people are in the market for a product, the first place they look is online. That means to be found you have to be online. Not … Continue reading

Four Things to Keep in Mind when Writing for Engineers

Writing for engineers can be a challenge. If you’re with a tech company, chances are pretty good you are also in a business to business space. If your customers buy technical products, an engineer will evaluate them and give that evaluation to the decision maker. If this applies to you, … Continue reading