Writing for Twitter

Writing for Twitter isn’t always easy. Sure, the content is short—only 140 characters—but that only makes it imperative to think through what you’re putting down. The 140 character limit means you have little room for fluff. Every word you type must make an impact. That doesn’t mean every tweet has … Continue reading

Facebook for Business

When using Facebook for business, it’s important to keep in mind that Facebook is the all-around family-friendly social media platform. That’s important, because certain businesses are more appropriate to post heavily on Facebook than others. Family-oriented businesses with products like vacation destinations, toys, fashions–products with visually-interesting appeal, will work extremely … Continue reading

It All Starts with Blogging

It all starts with blogging. With all the social media options out there, don’t overlook the obvious. Your Blog is still one of the most important places to stay active. Done properly, a blog can help with inbound marketing, and not just because people follow the blog. Your blog should … Continue reading

The Impact of Mindset

The impact of mindset on success can’t be overstated. Recently, I read an article by Arizona State University William P. Carey School of Business professor Christopher Neck discussing mindset and its impact on business and success in general. In the article, neck quotes Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck in classifying … Continue reading