5 Ways to Amp Up your Social Media

Need to inject a little juice into your social media accounts? Try these 5 ways to amp up your social media.

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1. Use Images

Images attract the eye. Humans are visual creatures and respond to pictures much more easily than to words alone. Most social media platforms now allow images to pass through into your post.

2. Cross-Post

Set up your blog to post a link on Twitter whenever you post. Automatically post on Google+ and Facebook, too. Capture some views from people who don’t normally read blogs but might be on social media all the time.

3. Reuse Content

Having trouble finding something new to say? Try reading old blog posts and find new ways to say it. New people are visiting your blog all the time. Why not keep an important message fresh and near the top of the pile?

4. Use Video

People respond to video provided the content is under 2 minutes long. Longer videos tend to be better for viewers who are already fans. Psot a video to YouTube of Vimeo and use the embed option to add it to the blog.

5. Have Fun!

Don’t just make your Twitter stream about business. Talk about some of the fun things you do around the office, or discuss some tangentially-related subjects. It doesn’t have to be business all the time. In fact, a constant sales message is a major turn-off to followers.

Follow some or all of these tips to amp up your social media presence.

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