Flush Out Periscope Spammers

Like every other social media site, we have Periscope spammers.

Now that I’ve been on Periscope for almost two months, I’ve noticed the same old spammers on Periscope that Akismet filters out on my blog.

Periscope spammers on www.novytechandcopy.com

You’ll find them in your follower list. Sometimes they are obvious, with names that are blatantly vulgur. Other times, the username will be in Cyrillic, as a lot of these come from the Ukrane. They’ll often have a profile photo of an attractive woman, other times, just the Twitter default egg. If you read the profile, they often have the default 1 heart, and few followers. That isn’t guaranteed, though, I suspect spammer accounts follow each other, giving them the appearance of legitimacy.

The other telling sign is to actually read the profile. The descriptions are often obviously sex-related.

Since your followers are listed with the most recent on top, it’s easy enough to go in and purge these spam accounts regularly. Yeah, they pad your follower numbers, but do you really want this type of follower associated with your account? I’ll keep a more realistic follower count and jettison the Periscope spammers.

Edit 9:10 AM

Here is the link to the YouTube video I mentioned on Periscope on how people you block can still view your content.

The video is by Ray Garcia. His periscope handle is @raygcreative

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