SlideShare, the best social media site you may never have heard of.


The premise of this site is to allow users to post PowerPoint slideshows and make them available to the public. At one time, SlideShare was an independent site, but in 2012 LinkedIn purchased the “professional contact sharing platform.” SlideShare is integrated into LinkedIn in the sense you can actually embed a slideshow into your profile.

If you create a lot of PowerPoint presentations to market your products, then consider whether other people might be interested in them. Perhaps you’re in the gym and want to send a slideshow to a potential client you met on the next treadmill. Most of us don’t carry PowerPoint presentations around on our phone, but with SlideShare, you can email a link to the presentation. Even better, you can pull up the presentation and use it while you’re talking to that potential client, and then send the link their way.

I’m sure you’re getting the general idea, but there’s another aspect to SlideShare, and that’s viewing other peoples’ slides. There are all kinds of useful, interesting, and sometimes weird presentations to look through and learn from. For instance, while writing this blog post, I found this one called “What Physics Taught Me About Marketing.”

It’s an interesting presentation from a past Ted Talk that I’d never have known about if I hadn’t jumped onto SlideShare while writing this post. Here’s another slideshow called “7 Brilliant Social Media Campaigns to Learn from in 2016.” The content in this one alone is worth clicking through.

Go take a look around SlideShare and see if it’s for you. How can you use this platform to help your business grow?

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