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When using Facebook for business, it’s important to keep in mind that Facebook is the all-around family-friendly social media platform. That’s important, because certain businesses are more appropriate to post heavily on Facebook than others. Family-oriented businesses with products like vacation destinations, toys, fashions–products with visually-interesting appeal, will work extremely well on Facebook. If the product can be displayed in video, so much the better.

These companies can make use of their followings by posting special Facebook-only special coupon codes or discounts. It makes the Facebook following feel more like a family or group of friends. Showing people having fun with the products also has appeal.

That doesn’t mean business-to-business sector companies can’t use Facebook effectively. These companies will use other social platforms more heavily, but can still use Facebook to bring a personal aspect of their company to light. Post pictures of Charlie’s retirement party, or of all the fun being had at a trade show.

Businesses are made of people, and for a business-to-business sector company, Facebook can be very effective in bringing the human side of the company to light. As in all social media interaction, it’s all about interaction, so any company wants to minimize the hard sell. Some will tell you to limit sales posts to 10%. Some companies never post sales pitches to social media at all. A lot of inbound marketing is trial and error–monitoring what works and what doesn’t, then making adjustments.

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